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QP Module June 2015 - Revision Course Started !!! Speedy MA , MC and MD Completed - (Updated 14 - 5 - 2015) 14-05-2015
FE (June 2015) Final Tips Sessions - Have you enrolled yet ? (on 20/5 and 23/5) - (Updated 14-5-2015) 14-05-2015
QP (June 2015) - All Exam Pack (2 additional tests) are all available - (Updated 14-5-2015) 14-05-2015
FE (June 2015) - FE Exam Pack ( 2 additional tests) + 2 Final Mocks - available for sale (Updated 14-5-2015) 14-05-2015
Speedy Module MA, MC and MD - All revision complete and final tips sessions are coming !!! (Updated 28-4-2015) 28-04-2015
Mission of Executive Training Company (ETC Training)

Executive Training Company (ETC Training) is unique in the field of Executive and Professional training by offering classroom and online courses to meet the needs of professional executives who wish to broaden their knowledge base in their careers and be able to pass professional examinations with increasing confidence.

ETC Training shares the belief that all professional executives are required to be
encouraged during their learning and would celebrate their success after achieving their professional qualifications. ETC (Training) has been supported by branded institutes which provide immeasurable resources in order to conduct high quality training. Our ETC trainers are recognized internationally and are passionate about training work and are strived to remain at the leading edge of the best in executive coaching.

Learn more about ETC Training through this website and you will be more familiar with our scope of work.
FE_MA, MB, MC, MD Final Tip Session All Videos Uploaded
Module A_Alvin Wan (Jun 2015) Knowledge (All), R1-R5 Videos Uploaded
Module B_William Ng (Jun 2015) Knowledge (All), R1-R5 Videos Uploaded
Module B_Walter Lau (Jun 2015) Knowledge (All), R1-R4 Videos Uploaded
ACCA Hong Kong Top Achievers’ Award Presentation
Human Resources Training Session co-organised by ETC and R & T Consultancy Limited at City University
ACCA Macau Training Session - 20th September 2012 - F6 and F8 and P1 by Dr Fiona Lam
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